Chris Crow is a Writer / Director who has directed 3 feature films to date; ‘Devil’s Bridge’, ‘Panic Button’ and ‘The Darkest Day’.

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Chris completed his debut feature film ‘Devil’s Bridge’ – a stark, brutal Thriller in 2010, it has been dubbed ‘A British Deliverance’ by critics.

Chris then directed the Thriller ‘Panic Button’ in late 2010 which was premiered at Film 4 Frightfest in 2011 and was described by Sky Movies as ‘British horror at its bloody best’.

In 2012 Chris directed ‘The Darkest Day’ – a brutal tale set against the first Viking attack on Lindisfarne in 793 A.D.

Chris is set to direct ‘The Lighthouse’ Winter 2014, a psychological thriller based on the notorious Smalls Island incident of 1801.

Chris has developed an increasing reputation as an exciting new Director with a highly visual style, fully fleshed characters and for crafting believable cinematic experiences.