Chris Crow is a BAFTA nominated Writer / Director who has directed 4 feature films to date; ‘Devil’s Bridge’, ‘Panic Button’, ‘The Darkest Day’ and most recently ‘The Lighthouse’.

Chris completed his debut feature film ‘Devil’s Bridge’ – a stark, brutal Thriller in 2010, it has been dubbed ‘A British Deliverance’ by critics.

Chris then directed the Thriller ‘Panic Button’ in late 2010 which was premiered at Film 4 Frightfest in 2011 and was described by Sky Movies as ‘British horror at its bloody best’.

In 2012 Chris directed ‘Viking: The Darkest Day’ – a brutal tale set against the first Viking attack on Lindisfarne in 793 A.D.

In late 2015 Chris directed the Period Thriller ‘The Lighthouse’ which was based on the notorious Smalls Island incident of 1801, the film was released in Summer 2016 and has recently been nominated for 5 BAFTA Cymru awards: Director – Chris Crow, Actor – Mark Lewis Jones, Editing – John Gillanders, Photography and Lighting – Alex Metcalfe, and Dogs Of Annwn – Special and Visual Effects, Titles and Graphic Identity.

Chris is currently in post for the Neo-Noir Thriller ‘The Ballad Of Billy McCrea’. Written by Philip Palmer and Produced by Mike Riley.

Chris has developed an increasing reputation as an exciting Director delivering rich character driven storytelling with a highly visual style.

Chris also co-owns the Production Company and ‘Boutique’ Post-Production House Dogs Of Annwn with Producer David Lloyd.